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ReadyGloves 12 Pack


Contains 12 pairs of individually sealed ReadyGloves.
Each pair of ReadyGloves is sealed in it’s own pack.

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ReadyGloves are extremely portable. About the size of a credit card. A pack of ReadyGloves fits easily into nearly everything giving you the freedom of having hand protection Ready to go and not having to carry around a large pack or an entire bulky box of gloves…which once those are opened, they can get dirty or contaminated and can even start to degrade. ReadyGloves stay, fresh, clean and organized until you are Ready to use them.

  • ReadyGloves are High Quality Nitrile Gloves that contain no Latex or powder.
  • ReadyGloves are not for medical or surgical use and are intended for basic sanitary use.
  • One size fits most – The size is considered a standard “large” size.

What is Included:
– 12 Individual Packs of ReadyGloves
– A total of 12 Pairs of individually sealed packs of gloves ie: 2 gloves per packet.
(24 total gloves)
note: Each pair (2) of gloves is sealed in it’s own packet.