ReadyGloves are the most unique glove product to arrive in years

We are proud to announce the release of ReadyGloves the most innovative personal hand protection product to arrive in decades in the rubber glove and PPE (personal protection Equipment) industry.

ReadyGloves are a pocket sized pack of individually sealed pair of gloves, that stay fresh & clean until you are Ready to use them.

ReadyGloves are extremely portable. About the size of a credit card.
A pack of ReadyGloves contains 2 high qaulity gloves that fit easily into nearly any bag, pack or vehicle giving you the freedom of having hand protection Ready To Go and not having to carry around an entire bulky box of gloves…which once those are opened, they can get dirty or contaminated and can even start to degrade but ReadyGloves stay, fresh, clean, sealed & organized until you are Ready to use them.

The road to creating the ReadyGloves line was not a short one, it was born out of a natural evolution of how consumers use our other lines of gloves called CleanFit that are already available in AutoZones nationwide. Based on our research and feedback from customers, we have been able to fine tune exactly what users need when it comes to having hand protection…and thus the ReadyGloves concept was born purely based out of neccessity of our customers and some clever engineering by our team.

Gloves have been sold in a variety of sizes and packaging concepts over the years, but none of these methods addressed the issue many people face…“The gloves just aren’t there when the gross things happen”. This is due to of several reasons. usually a shopper buys a 100 pack, 50 pack or even a 24 pack of gloves and all of those gloves are in some sort of bulky box or bag that stays at home under the sink or in the garage. The gloves of the past have never been able to be kept in a portable, neatly sealed packet to be easy to carry on your person, in your bag or your vehicle when you encounter a nasty thing that you dont want to touch bare handed. Sure hand sanitizers are great, but you STILL have to touch the gross thing to begin with, and if it is greasy or slimly or is a chemical like paint, you may not have the ability to immediately wash your hands. Thus rendering the hand sanitizer almost useless. This is where ReadyGloves fills the gap between having protection at home and having protection on the go.

We are introducing ReadyGloves for sale online from our website, Amazon and Ebay while our distribution is being discussed with major retailers like AutoZone and DollarGeneral. ReadyGloves are also in the works for being included in First-Aid Kits around the globe and will be available at several camping retailers.

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