Who knew that ReadyGloves were this useful?

ReadyGloves Portable Hand Protection

ReadyGloves are a world’s first in personal hand protection innovation. The possibilities extend much further than the conventional concept of just having a big bulky boxes of gloves under your sink or in the garage. ReadyGloves unique and ultra compact packaging allows you to have a fresh clean pair of gloves nearly anywhere and ready for any situation.

For example: you can keep ReadyGloves in your wallet or billfold as they are designed to be the same size as a business card or credit card. Several of our staffers have had a pack of ReadyGloves in their wallets for over 6 months during the longevity testing phase.

ReadyGloves can be also be kept neatly tucked inside your pocket, purse or your travel bag, because you never know when the day comes that you have to encounter something gross that you don’t want to touch with bare hands. With ReadyGloves at your disposal, you can easily mitigate the threat of grossness by just reaching into your bag and producing hand protection, and with the unique sealed packaging you can be sure that these gloves will be clean and sanitary and ready for use.

ReadyGloves Portable hand protection that fits in your pocket

ReadyGloves are perfect for the outdoors, you can keep a few packs in your tackle box or hunting bag so you don’t have to deal with fish guts or the nasty stuff when cleaning up after your hunts.

ReadyGloves Hand Pretection in your Gear Bag
ReadyGloves shown with one of our staffers EDC bag.

We designed ReadyGloves to be ready when you are, to give you the added confidence that you don’t need to touch gross stuff if you don’t have to. Sure, hand sanitizers are great at reducing bacteria, but you still have to touch those gross things with you bare hands first. ReadyGloves eliminates that element and helps you stay on task without the fear of having grime on your hands or nasty bits under your nails.

The actual pair of gloves inside the ReadyGloves packets are made from durable nitrile rubber and contain no powder or latex. We choose nitrile over latex so we could provide hand protection without our customers having to fear about latex allergies. The properties of nitrile make ReadyGloves much more suited for a wider range of protection from grease, chemicals, contaminants, paint and biological fluids.

ReadyGlove contains 2 Gloves (1pair)
Each ReadyGlove pack contains 2 Gloves (1pair)

Keep them in you pet carrier when you travel so you don’t have to just rely on the pet waste bags (which are often porous at a microscopic level). We don’t like to touch pet waste and we know you don’t either.

There really is an endless list of applications where ReadyGloves will prove useful to protect against the gross things.

In the past, folks generally had to have a large box or bag of gloves and these are nearly impossible to travel with and most of the time they just sat at home under the sink or in the garage and very few people would remember to bring them when traveling or out on adventures. We are no strangers to the glove market, our parent company CleanFit makes and distributes latex and nitrile gloves to major retailers around the world like AutoZone. We collected alot of feedback about how consumers use gloves and how they needed them to be everywhere when they were outside the home or the workplace. Creating ReadyGloves in a 2-pack was a natural progression of how everyday people need and want to use rubber gloves to keep their hands clean and protected.

ReadyGloves Portable hand protection that fits in your pocket
Portable hand protection that fits in a pocket

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