What’s Inside a Pack of ReadyGloves? – PLUS Bonus Offer Code

ReadyGlove contains 2 Gloves (1pair)

We get this question asked often when showing off ReadyGloves. Everyone wants to know what is inside. Well, the only way to show that is to open and break the seal on the pack and essentially just waste a pair of gloves. Not many people want to waste something they just bought only to satisfy curiousity. So I will try to explain the best I can here.

The exterior packaging of the ReadyGlove is made from a food grade material similar to what you would see used on grocery store food packs, it’s a plastic and matte finished pack, with a coated exterior that has a foil lined interior to help protect against degradation while the gloves are in the pack. Both ends of the packet are heat sealed

The pack opens very easily by just tearing off the top portion at the notches and then you can get to the goodies inside, (tip: you can keep the empty pack to stuff the dirty gloves back into when you are done touching the gross things.) I usually turn the gloves inside out and then stuff them back into the packet this way I can put back into my gear-pack or pocket and not have to worry about the dirty gloves contaminating other things. Then you can just toss them as normal into the trash, recycle bin or medical waste bin.
(note: ReadyGloves are not intended for medical procedural use, although they are rated by the FDA as sanitary but please don’t start performing open heart surgeries on folks with your ReadyGloves) However, they are still well suited for First Responders and immediate protection from bodily fluids in an emergency situation. In fact, they are often cleaner than the gloves you will find Paramedics carrying because ReadyGloves are 100% sealed until they are opened whereas Paramedics gloves are usually just taken from a box on the ambulance and stuffed into a pocket.

okay…back to the story

Inside are 2 folded ReadyGloves ie: (1 pair). The gloves are made from nitrile rubber and contain no powder or latex. This compostion has been choosen to allow those with allergies to be able to use ReadyGloves and because Nitrile gloves will last longer in storage and are resistant to a wide variety of fluids and chemicals.

So, you simply rip open the pack and remove the folded gloves, give them a quick shake or use the ole’ blow them up like a balloon method and stick them on your hands.

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ReadyGlove contains 2 Gloves (1pair)

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